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Blogs – A Starting Point

For some of us who may not be familiar with the concept of blogging it is very
similar to have an electronic newspaper delivered to your email or IM each
day.  You select which blogs you want to subscribe to and when new posts or

comments are made, they are delivered to
your email.

I am in the learning mode, so please be patient with this. There may be a few
extra or stray emails hitting your inbox in the beginning.  Recommend that the faint of heart or easily disturbed
wait a few weeks for the system to run itself out and get the wrinkles smooth.
For those of us who always jumped into the lake without knowing the depth, go
for it.  What the hell……

These are a few words I lifted from WordPress site.
There is a lot more out there to include instructional videos, if you
are up for it.  Please take a few minutes
to explore.  Have fun.


The Subscriptions tab on the home page allows you to easily subscribe to and keep track of
blogs that you love to read. Have you ever found yourself opening endless
browser tabs, each with a different blog you like to read each morning? If so,
then subscriptions are going to make your life much easier.

Think of the subscriptions tab like
your own personal blog reader. You can subscribe to each of the blogs you enjoy
reading and have any of the new posts across any of these blogs show up in one
easy to read list. All of the new blog posts will show up in the order in which
they were posted, regardless of the blog they were posted on. It’s then really
simple to just click a post title and head on over to the blog to read it.

Subscribing to a Blog

You can subscribe to a blog in two
ways. If the blog is a blog, and you are logged in to your account, you will see the grey admin bar at the top of the
window. On this admin bar you’ll notice a menu called “Subscribe”. Using this
menu, select the “Subscribe to Blog” option in the “Subscribe” menu drop-down
and you’ll be instantly subscribed to that blog. The blog’s new posts will now
always appear under your subscriptions reader.

The other way to subscribe to a blog is to do it via the subscriptions tab. Make sure you
are logged in to and under the “My Subscriptions” drop-down menu
on the grey admin bar at the top of the page you’ll see the option “Manage my
Subscriptions”. On the next screen you’ll see a text box where you can enter
the URL of the blog you would like to subscribe to. Enter the URL and hit the
“Subscribe” button, the blog will appear in the list below. You are now
subscribed to this blog and new posts will appear on your subscriptions list.

Unsubscribing from a Blog

There are two ways to unsubscribe from a blog. If you are currently viewing the blog
you’d like to unsusbscribe from and you’re logged in to, you’ll
see the “Subscribe” menu in the admin bar at the top of the window. On this
menu drop-down you’ll see an option “Unsubscribe from blog”. Select that menu
option and you will be unsubscribed from the blog.

The other option is to use the “My Subscriptions” menu in the admin bar, then select
“Manage my Subscriptions”. On the next screen, find the blog you’d like to
unsubscribe from in the list and hit the “x” button at the end of the blog
title. This will unsubscribe you from the blog.

Changing Delivery Methods

By default when you subscribe to a blog and a new post is published on that blog it will
appear under the subscriptions tab for you to read. You may want to be notified
when this happens and have the post delivered in other ways. There are two
options, you can have the post emailed to you and you have the post sent to you
via Jabber instant messenger.

Email Delivery

To add or modify an email delivery setting for a blog, select “Manage my Subscriptions”
from the “My Subscriptions” menu in the admin bar at the top of the page. On
the next screen you’ll notice an area on the right called “Delivery New Posts Via” and
a column for “An email to by inbox”. This column contains a drop-down select
box for each box where you can select the frequency of emails delivered. If you
would like an email containing the new post to be delivered instantly, select
the “instantly” option, if you’d like an email once per day containing all new
posts select “daily”, once per week select “weekly”. If you’d like to disable
email delivery for this blog select “never”.

Please note that this is on a per blog basis, you will need to change this for any blog you
would like email notifications for by finding the blog in the list and
selecting the appropriate option.

Jabber Instant Messenger Delivery

If you have set up a Jabber account then you can get new
posts pushed to you instantly via instant messenger. If you would like to
enable this for a particular blog then select the checkbox under the “Jabber
instant messenger” column. To disable it, simply uncheck the box.

Subscription Settings

There are a few settings for subscriptions that you may find useful. You can find these
settings by heading to the subscriptions tab and selecting the “Subscription
Settings” menu item in the top right.

Default delivery methods

The first setting is default delivery methods. When you subscribe to a blog the default
delivery method is via the subscriptions tab where you can read new posts. If
you would like to automatically add email delivery or instant messenger
delivery, you can change this setting. Anything you select here will be automatically
applied to new subscriptions from that point forward.

Email delivery format

Choose between receiving new posts in HTML with colors, layout and images,
or simple plain text. If subscription emails appear jumbled in your email
reader then you might want to change this to plain text.

Email delivery window

This option will allow you to change when subscription emails are sent from Depending on your time zone you might prefer to receive emails
at different times in the day.

Block Emails

To instantly stop all subscription emails from being sent by,
select this option.


General Info

The thought behind this blog was to provide Alumni from the 1969 –
71 timeframe, other VF alum and Friends of the Forge a place to exchange ideas,
comments and hopefully, have some fun with it. We have also established an
email account that can be read by a few folks who are working on this effort.
That address is .

If there if there is some thing you would be interested in seeing
on the site and it is not there, please contact us at the email address above.
For example, I believe this might be a good location for a link out to pictures
we all may have taken on our visits back to the Forge. This could have been on
an Alumni Weekend or at other times. If you do have pics of this nature, please
send me a few and I will try to get them posted with a link for all to view. I
am not sure we can do any of this, but I think we need to give it a shot as a
way to stay in touch. Please let us know your ideas, what you think and would
like to see.