General Info

The thought behind this blog was to provide Alumni from the 1969 –
71 timeframe, other VF alum and Friends of the Forge a place to exchange ideas,
comments and hopefully, have some fun with it. We have also established an
email account that can be read by a few folks who are working on this effort.
That address is .

If there if there is some thing you would be interested in seeing
on the site and it is not there, please contact us at the email address above.
For example, I believe this might be a good location for a link out to pictures
we all may have taken on our visits back to the Forge. This could have been on
an Alumni Weekend or at other times. If you do have pics of this nature, please
send me a few and I will try to get them posted with a link for all to view. I
am not sure we can do any of this, but I think we need to give it a shot as a
way to stay in touch. Please let us know your ideas, what you think and would
like to see.



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