Dems getting mad at Obama!

From Keith Stanton, 1969

This statement below appeared in the London Telegraph. It is noteworthy in that when I expressed my concern prior to the election that Obama had done nothing and accomplished nothing in his life so why did he deserve to be President, my liberal friends told me I was either stupid at best and a racist at worst.  Hell according to this guy I was a soothsayer!
“An article in the New York Times by Drew Westen, a professor of psychology at Emory University and a specialist in political messaging, summarised the dismay at Mr Obama’s performance and was rapidly circulated online by liberals.”
“Those of us who were bewitched by his eloquence on the campaign trail chose to ignore some disquieting aspects of his biography: that he had accomplished very little before he ran for president,” he wrote.


Do you hear that squealing?  That is the sound of the Golden Goose finally being killed!

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