Bone Chilling Video – WARNING – Strong Polical Opinion

WARNING:  This video contains material and opinions that are very politically based….

From Herb Stepp, Friend of the Forge:

I truly believe what the General is saying in this video.  The problem is that its happening faster than we realize.

You NEED to watch this, and then forward to everyone you know. A video that will make you think!

This is bone chilling and 52% of the voters (SHAME ON YOU) did this to us. If you can’t play this on your computer (picture and sound) then send it to someone who can play it and go watch it with them!  General Boykin speaks from a extensive base of experience and knowledge.

The answer to your question that to call Obama and His Administration Marxist I submit this very credible and referenced source.
Excellent commentary to answer all Progressives and why they should be labeled Marxists, even if they do not know themselves!



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