VF Roster

One of the things that I always found difficult since leaving VF was
trying to find friends who had gone to the Forge with me. There were and are
many times that I would like to reach out to some of these guys with a phone
call or an email, just to say Hi or to bust their chops in some other way.

If this Baker’s Boys site continues, I was thinking this could be a place where VF alum could find some of their friends or classmates and a way  to contact them. Today, almost everybody has an email address and the  technology is easy enough that if you would rather not hear from someone, a specific address can be blocked.

So one of the things I wanted to try was to create a contact list  of Academy and College email addresses. The intent here is to provide VF Alum  with a way to contact their friends, without divulging too much personal  information. Therefore, I created a spreadsheet containing the following  information for each person:

  • Name
  • Class year
  • City and State of Current Residence
  • Email Address

This spreadsheet should now be accessible on the Baker’s BoyZ Links page.  It will contain a link to the Roster which is on Google docs. You should be able to view or download the document.   The first page is a Title page only.

I am not sure if this will work or if it will become too painful and difficult to manage. Currently, only my information appears in the document.  If you want your name included in this list,  please send me an email to either zicarelli@yahoo.com or vfgrad@gmail.com. There is a calculated risk that none of our Brethern VF Alum wil misuse this info. Therefore, I will not add anyone’s information without receiving such an  email. Again, if the information is used improperly or this becomes too much of  a time drain, I can stop the list and delete it.

Please let me know what you think. All responses will be held in confidence.


Tom Zicarelli, 71C

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