Love Story

From Rick Bruno, 71C

This guy is Alvaro Alfonso de Miranda Neto:


He was married to  —  this woman.


Her name is Cibele Dorsa.  She is a Brazilian swimsuit, Victoria ‘s Secret, and Playboy model. 


He divorced her because he fell in love with this woman:


These two are very happily married right now.

Some people argue that love is blind.
This story clearly proves it.  It proves that men are capable of real love; truly seeing a person’s inner beauty,  not basing their decisions solely on looks.

Oh, by the way…
The new girl is Athina Onassis.
She’s worth 12 billion dollars.
Kinda brings a tear to the eye, doesn’t it?







One response to “Love Story

  1. Kinda makes me think of the old adage that even the hottest, most desirable,
    model-good-looking woman will become tiresome to some man eventually. There’s always a human, non-sexual connection that helps people survive relationships.
    Larry Bamundo 71 C.