This is a blog by and for VF Alum (Academy and College), 1969 – 1971. This space contains the location where all can post jokes, comments or other items which may be of general interest or specific to
a class. Additionally, use of this blog is not limited to the 1969 – 71 Class Years. All friends of VF are in vited to participate in this

It is in no way associated with or sponsored by Valley Forge Military Academy and College.

The thought is to provide people who have a common VF association or background with a location where they can submit jokes, political commentary, etc., calling upon the spirit of survival we all
utilized to live through VF.

Please take the various categories and pages, as titled. If blog entries are in a Category listed as PG or Dicey / XXX, you should know what to expect. Items will be moved from one category to another according to the taste and discretion of the person putting in the time to do the moving.
If there are exceptions, please let me know and we will attempt to adjust fire, to some extent. If it gets to be too painful, volunteers, who can obviously do it better, will be solicited – initially from the critics.

Don’t want to get too serious about this. Have fun!!

** UPDATE  **

To some extent, the individual who does the posting to a blog or site such as this one becomes a censor.  Not fun.  However, if I receive an item for posting, in most cases, it will be posted.  I do reserve the right not to post something.  If it makes me wince too hard or causes my thick skin to crawl, I will let it go.

Again, please let me know if this is not acceptable.